Our partners around the world, as you may know our ministries participatesin local and regional charity events throughout the year. Some of our activities include helping Children, assisting the elderly, and providing aid during crisis. At this time of the year we reachout to community businesses like yours to ask for help. We would like you send donation of any amout to our ministriy to be use for the somof the projects we at hand which will profoundly benefit our community. If you would like to donate we would appreciate it. Yo can either mail a check to our adress, or through Paypal @pastorpaulstanley@live, or throught cash app $ArkOfGODSCOVENT, or call us by phone. thank you for your time for considering the possibility of surpporting us. Withouht your generosity, we would not be able to continue to help so many. Prover 11:25, Luke 6:38, 2nd corinthians 9:11

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