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Apostle Paul And Kristian Patrick (FOUNDER)
Ark Of Gods Covenant International Ministries

P.O. Box 161456 Fort Worth 76179 Texas.

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Ark of God’s Covenant International Ministries

About Our Company

Our company is faith base, not profitable organization we are multicultural oriented


Our vision and objectives of the our website are to have global accessibility, to connect with people around the world, Our partners and entire world to know and to see what we are doing and Partners and every other people in the world to are able to support and donate to our ministries.

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knowledge of God


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Our partners around the world, as you may know our ministries participatesin local and regional charity events throughout the year. Some of our activities include helping Children, assisting the elderly,…

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Ark of God’s Covenant International Ministries

Connecting Communities all over the world with Jesus Christ